SIBERIA K.O. – Looking To the Future!

Band mates, Garrett Seberras and Milan Dajnko of the band SIBERIA K.O. are passionate about their music and believe in collaboration and when they joined forces a number of years ago, they knew in order to make it in the music business it was all about the song! Garrett who is the principle writer in the band and his collaborator Milan started recording songs in their home studio so they could have something to present to music industry professionals and so they did.

They knocked on the door of Backstage Productions International – a noted Canadian Entertainment Organization with a Global outlook. Backstage is headed up by acclaimed Producer and Marketer Steve Thomson. After consultation with his producing partner, noted songwriter/producer/guitarist David Bacha, the two agreed – the material had potential, so they took the next step to check out the band in performance. Thomson and Bacha felt the duo had strong possibilities and decided to invest the time in the band and see what happens.

After several months of pre-production and rewrites it was time to go to the next step and record! First they needed a Drummer and a Keyboard player and this is where it became interesting. In walks Owen Tennyson, a great drummer who has worked with just about everybody, suggesting Eddie Harsch (formerly of the Black Crowes) for keyboards. After a number of conversations, Thomson convinced genius keyboardist and melody maker Eddie Harsch to get on board, and that he did, bringing yet another element of musicality to an already musical project.

But that’s not all! Luciano Lombardi who was mentored by Ennio Morricone was brought in to work on some string arrangements and conduct the players. The result – “Wow”! And perhaps this is the best way to describe the band’s debut album. The song-writing duo is now in rehearsal preparing their show and readying for a forthcoming video that will be shot in the immediate future.

They’ve come a long way from singing in the school band and performing on Tiny Talent Time.

Garrett Seberras

Garrett Seberras is the lead vocalist and primary songwriter for SIBERIA K.O. which is a rock/alternative band that was formed by Garrett Seberras and Milan Dajnko in Newmarket, Ontario. Garrett was quoted by David Bacha to be “a strong songwriter with interesting lyrics.”

Inspired by his Grandfather who was in the symphony orchestra, Garrett developed a passion for music at an early age. Since childhood he has had a love for literature and began writing poetry at age eight. In school, Garrett excelled in creative writing and the arts. At the age of sixteen he found his true love, the guitar. Upon learning a couple chords, he began to write songs. He then realized his passion for song writing. Garrett has studied at the Conservatory of Music and with Sharon Lee Williams of Musicent. Garrett enjoys listening to various styles of music, including such artists as, U2, John Mayer, Snow Patrol, Matthew Good Band, Dave Matthews Band and Keith Urban to name a few. He also enjoys classical, jazz and blues music. Outside of music Garrett enjoys reading, running and engages in any activities or programs that will help him to grow in his spiritual, mental and physical development.

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