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I am the President of Backstage Productions International. I live between Toronto, Canada and Paris, France and truly do business on an international level. Our company is a full service entertainment company specializing in Music Publishing, Record Production and Film & Video Production. We have produced a multitude of successful projects in our domain and have some exciting new projects which will soon be released. I love my work, perhaps because I took a hobby and turned it into a business. I started my career as a musician playing guitar in a noted Canadian rock band of the day called Fat Chance. My motto is “never do anything unless you are having fun”. You can get more of our company’s information by checking out our website at www.backstageproductions.com. I look forward to blogging and sharing news and views on business and important topics of the day.

Hello World!


Producers Steve Thomson and David Bacha are in the completion stages of an 11 song album by new Canadian rock band SIBERIA K.O. The album features a collection of great songs with dynamic musical arrangements and passionate vocals and a cast of great musicians including Eddie Harsch (Black Crowes fame) and some amazing string arrangements orchestrated by Luciano Lombardi. The album has a fresh new musical sound and the reaction to each song by a select group of music fans has been “Wow”!

The CD is scheduled for release in the 1Q2013. The band is currently developing their new web site but would be please to respond to anyone who wishes to contact us. If you are interested, you can drop us a note through our blog and request a listen to our first CD that we are very proud of.

We’d love to hear from you,